Overwork the process – a semminar for an experienced trainers

In the training work we experience a situations when the group process leads us into unknown regions. It can be a crisis, trauma, breakup, exaggeration, love. We invite you to meet and discuss possibile strategy to take care for a group and also for you in a difficult group process.

We are looking for participants coming from: Poland, Latvia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Romania.

When and where?

Seminar would take place at Wrocław, Poland from 12.01 (travel day) till 18.01 (travel day). Fore more information like fee, travel reimbursement, please read infopack.

Participant profile:

  • Experienced trainers, more than 2-3 years of experience. Preferably having finished a train-the-trainers training / have a foundament knowlege in training desinging.
  • It is a technical reference within the organization or team. His knowledge allows him to work or collaborate on more challenging projects.
  • It helps to define processes, methodologies and standards that will take place in the development of projects.
  • It is good to communicate and listening.
  • It can participate in high-level decisions and collaborate if necessary in more operational activities.
  • Communicative level of English language is mandatory.

Case study

  • Have at least one (two) case or challenging situation, when there is a serious crash or hard moment in a group process.
  • Reflect, write, eventually record, and send a case study before the seminar start.
  • Desire to improve coaching and group facilitation techniques.
  • Open to discuss in supervision, yours and others case study.


  • Open to discuss, analize, and develop some methods, scenarios, algorithm.
  • Open to try plenty of methods, from different backgrounds, that could be applied.
  • Desire to create a space of cordiality, collaboration and be supervised from a professional and youth workers feedback.


  • Participate in formal and non-formal networking activities.
  • Start to develop strong connections and exchange.
  • Open to diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.
  • Promoting common values, such tolerance and respect.
  • Able to establish intercultural relationships with other participants.


  • To lead or collaborate in one or more specific part of the program, such on-line meetings, promoting and dissemination, Dropbox, Whatsapp, YouTube, drawings and algorithms, Facebook, etc.
  • To give evaluation and feedback.
  • To share in your organization the outcomes from the seminar.


Update: we still have places for participants from Sweden, The Netherlands and Latvia.