Game on – information about a project

Idea of a project—WHY?

The main goal for our Game On! is to bring together groups of young people from different countries and from different organizations that use different games and gamification in their youth work. Every group would provide activities connected to different types of games; simulation games, educatio-nal board games, RPG, LARP, city games, ect. Those experience would be an opportunity to discuss and confront various themes while learning about each others’ countries and cultures. We want all participants meet and live together on a camp, to jointly carry out a work programme designed and prepared by them before the exchange. It would be a mix of games, workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, short lectures, simulations and /outdoor activities.
We believe that preparing and playing games for each other allow young people to develop competences; discover new cultures, habits and life-styles through peer-learning; and strengthen values like solidarity, democracy and friendship. It would be also a great opportunity to discover personal talents and resources and be inspired how games can support building real, strong and honest relationships between people from different cultural backgrounds.

Program — WHAT ?

The Camp: a game convention
We invite every group to host a one or one an a half day based on one type of game; simulation game, educational board game, LARP, RPG, city game. We as a host organization would help to arrange the best surrounding for all types of experience. We would like to start every day from a short lecture as a introduction of particular type of game and why it is useful for education. Of course, based on non-formal education method, we would arrange a lot of fun activities to help getting to know each other!

As a outdoor organization, we invite you to spend a time close to nature in basic accommodation. We also want to play in “non-electricity games” which means that we will use digital tools before and after a camp, but not during the time that we would spend together! Challenge yourself and explore vintage way of playing! Because it will be a summer holiday time—we will also have opportunity to chill and relax together!


The camp is free – paid from EU Erasmus+ founds. Travel reimbursement is possible up to the limit set for every country.


Aga Leśny

26.07.2019 – 2.08.2019, we start in Gdańsk (Poland). Main camp would be organized in “Kacze Bagno” Kurzętnik near to Iława.


31 participants from: Fundacja Pracownia Nauki i Przygody (Poland); Asociatia Economeq (Romania); Biedriba Piedzivojuma Gars (Latvia); YOUNET (Italy); Waldritter e.V. (Germany).

Project coordinator: Aga Leśny (Pracownia Nauki i Przygody):


Program of “Game On” is inspired by polish project “Laboratorium Gier”.

Official partner of a project is Rebel.

This project is financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus plus Program.