Game it out! 2021

Do you want to learn how to start being a game designer by applying the principles of game design to board games dedicated to youth work? Would you like to learn how to work with others for inventing a new game? Do you have some ultra smart mechanics but need to figure out the perfect theme?  Are you stuck trying to figure out where designers get their ideas from?

Join our training and we’re going to help you communicate your game design into an excellent player experience for better cooperation in Europe!


The project is a 8 days residential training course aimed at exploring board games desing and their direct application in educational activities.

This is a hands on training By the end of the course, you will have an actual game that you made with team by your hands . You won’t just learn HOW to make a game you’ll actually MAKE the game you want to create.

You will learn WHY desining a games for youth work and HOW you can use them to empower youngsters No game, even Catan or Carcassone, was created alone. Every game designer has help, whether it’s from players, publishers, or other game designers.

Nobody designs alone. You will learn how to cooperate with other designers and use feedback.


31.07 – 9.08. 2021, Kacze Bagno, Kurzętnik, Poland >>>

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Michał Gołębiowski

A mathematician by profession, he specializes in puzzles and riddles. After winning the game design contest for the Jetpack Joyride board game, Michał left his programming career behind and joined Lucky Duck Games as a Game Designer and Developer and continue working as a freelance game designer. Co author of Destinies and Spaghetti. A longtime game jam mentor as part of a polish “Laboratorium Gier”. More Michals games you can see on BGG profile.

Marcin Łączyński

Bloger, game designer, publisher. Co-author of „Paranormal Detectives” –  a deduction party game and many more edu- and simulation games focused on negotiations, manipulation and communication. Author of several dozen training games. >>>BGG profile.

Wojciech Rzadek
Kuba Wiśniewski


Program of “Game it out” is inspired by polish project “Laboratorium Gier”. Official partner of a project is Rebel.

This project is co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus plus Program.