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Mediterranean Sea Challenge

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WHEN: 22nd Nov-1st Dec 2019 (incl. travel days)


Let’s take a sail training challenge through beautiful Mediterranean Sea!

Sail training gives you the opportunity to step into a world of adventure. A world where you can challenge yourself, learn new skills, and make new friends. One of the most important outcomes of sail training is the development of a sense of judgment about what and whom you can rely on, and to what degree. This applies to the compass, the weather forecast, your shipmates, the depths on the chart, the strength of the anchor cable, the vigilance of the lookout on the other ship, and many other things. Sail training also builds a reasoned sense of self-reliance. All of this starts from the moment you begin to think about the voyage. On our yacht everybody is a crew member, what that means is that we are taking day and night watches, cooking, cleaning. It is going to be an expedition into the ocean wilderness, not a laid back vacation. Everyone is welcome to take the helm, set sails, assist with manoeuvres, navigate, make weather observations, provide a general lookout, and much more.We have to share all responsability beetwen us. We will have a professional skipper who will lead us to great (and safe!) adventure!
No sail experience is necessary! 

During the voyage, captain and mates will guide you on everything from steering and navigation to line handling. He/she will give you instructions on watch responsibilities and basic sailing theory. Sailing on sea in any vessel is a team effort, so everyone on board will appreciate your hard work and input. Let your experienced crewmates amaze you with their diverse knowledge as you escape your daily routine, learn something new, and admire the wonders of nature.


Pogoria was build especially for a long voyages of Class Afloat. The way she was designed requires a lot of work from trainees on board. It gives the opportunity to learn how to operate a sails, work with a map or clean a ship to all crew members :)

Our boat: STS Pogoria
length 48,35 m (125,82 ft.)
width  8,0 m (26 ft.)
surface of sails 994,0 m2  (10699,33 ft2)
trainees: 41

What is important: cooking on a rolling tall ship is a big challenge. My experience is that there is no option for different type of cuisine, so we cannot offer a vegetarian diet (or we have to convince the whole crew and the cook to switch to vege for this week ;]).

Accomodation: Trainees sleeps in 6+ person cabins and open forecastles. There is no private or double cabin in Pogoria.

bunks in a forecastle

There are 4 showers and 5 toilets dedicated to trainees crew. On Pogoria there is a special room called a “classroom” where you can spend your free time, play or sing. Meals are prepared by the crew under the supervision of a cook. One of the biggest adventures is doing dishes of 50 people. The ship running duties (regular watches etc.) are being wholly filled by the trainees crew.


We are start our sailing trip in Genua. First few hours we are going to spend on getting to know our sailing home, learn how to operate sails and ropes, mooring. We will learn and train the safety instructions, sailing rules. First night we would spend in a harbor to get rest and be sure that everything is ready.

Genua – Civitavecchia

When the tall ship, whether and crew will be ready – we start our trip!

The yacht runs efficiently because of a “watch” system on board. Each day is broken up into separate watches, where a team of crewmates takes responsibility for various tasks. These vary widely – you could be hoisting the sails, setting the vessel’s course, or carrying out maintenance.

We can not promisse a lot of sleep but we can promise a lot of stories, views and adventures :) Aga Lesny is an expert of sail training in context of experience education so if you are interested in – take her watch!

There rest of our voyage would depend on the weather, our abilities and willingness. Usually in such a voyage we visit 1-2 ports (eg Elba Island, Monte Carlo, Nicea, Livorno) or anchorage.

Our voyage supposed to end on Friday in Civitavecchia .


Our main activity would be sailing, maintaining a ship and visiting the harbors. However, this voyage is based on sail training method, belonging to experiential learning, so you would have an opportunity for personal developement :) We are going to shape our free time together, under the broad and flexible banner of experiential learning. 

Team building, personal reflection, sharing knowlege and music is a “must-be-point” in every EEE meeting.


The voyage fee includes:

  • sail travel from 23-30.11.2019;
  • all meals during the voyage;
  • fuel, harbour cost;
  • profesionall crew (capitan, 4 mates, bossum, proffesional cook, engineer);
  • organisational costs
  • bus 22nd Nov. from Poland to Poland 1st Dec. (trip through: Warszawa, Poznań, Berlin, Monachium, Genua)
  • scholarship rate for 4 volunteers from Manufacture of Science and Adventure

Fee doesn’t include:

  • health insurance

You can fly on your own, but the price remains the same.

Downpayment (paying when signing in, non-returnable): 650 PLN (~150 euro).

Early bird: 1780 PLN (~410 euro + downpayment: until August 20th)

Lazy bird: 2050 PLN (~470 euro + downpayment: after August 20th)

Owner of Pogoria is a non-govermantal organization and our voyage is organized as a non-profit expedition.
Cancellation policy: The shipowner has very strict cost rules. Reimbursement is only possible if you find someone on your place.


This voyage is dedicated to EEE community + relatives and friends. We are open for all people interested in experiential education and EEE ideas.

Minimum age is 15, maximum 65 (or older if person has any sailing licenses). Everybody has to be able to swim and has to have a personal insurance.

We would invite 4 volunteers from Manufacture of Science and Adventure to spread our spirit and make a social impact.

Coordinator: Aga Leśny – member of EEE community from 2014. She is a trainer, who bases her work on simulation games. She is dedicated to promoting ideas and methods of experiential education in Poland. PhD candidate and sail training is a topic of her thesis. She is a very experienced sailor, owner of Polish marine certificate of “jachtowy sternik morski” (Yacht Skiper). Daughter of a tall ships captain, sailing form the age of 12, most of the time on tall ships. More about Aga:


The tall ship prohibits consumption of alcoholic beverages and stimulants when the ship is in the sea.

If you have any question, please contact Aga:, +48501783923

* What is EEE? It is open and international community of trainers, coaches, advistors, therapiest, teachers and people inspired by idea of experiential learning. We set a free, unofficial organization and meeting at least once a year to share, learn and reinforce our relation with other european collegues. You could find more about EEE here >>>. In the past we used to organize special trips to explore new lands (or sea). In our history there was an special edition in Alaska and Taiwan. You are welcome to first sea edition of EEE meeting!

Application for EEE Tall Ship Special Edition 2019
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We need it to official shipowner documents
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EEE community is based on the principle of co-creation. Our belief is that everyone who attends has something to share that others can learn from. It means that the workshops, activities are provided by participants. So, there are no such “usual” elements of our events or workshop agenda with complicated titles. All sharing is voluntary and based on the exchange of ideas and inspiration.
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This program you intend to participate on is an educational program involving indoor and outdoor recreational activities. The basic method is learning by experience, which means that you will have the possibility to participate in unusual activities, to experiment with different solutions and new behaviors, and to work in a group with other participants. Your experiences will be discussed in a group. The activities can include individual and group tasks that include more or less physical effort. Some activities involve physical exertion, as well as known and unknown risks. I hereby accept to use all equipment and apparatus provided. Our rules are designed to serve the safety and well-being of all participants, they need to be followed by each and every participant. The information provided by you on this form helps us design a program to fit your needs, your physical abilities and to offer help for any physical limitation you may have. All of this information is confidential. Association will not be held responsible for any accidents or other incidents that arise from not complying with rules and regulations.
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Cancellation policy: the shipowner has very strict cost rules. Reimbursement is only possible if you find someone on your place. *