About us

Pracownia Nauki i Przygody (eng. Manufacture of Science and Adventure) is a non-governmental organization established in 2010. In 2012 we were registered as a foundation. Our goal is very simple: we want to change the world through education. 

The motive for the establishment of the foundation was faith – supported by knowledge and experience – in the educational power of nature and adventure. Our team consists of educators and animators but also travelers, hikers, sailors and scouts. We were shaped not only by studies or courses but also by the hardships of travel, climbing, and sailing. 

We have experienced firsthand, how wonderfully a human can develop through adventures in nature, and we want to share this knowledge with others.

We are inspired by experiential, adventure, and outdoor education. These methods are still not very well known in Poland. We strive to change it! We run several long-termed programs aimed at the promotion and development of experiential education in our country. We organize trips, workshops, and scholarships for youth and adults (including trainers, teachers, and educators), publish books, work as experts, organize and participate in conferences, and run a variety of activities for children. We do our best to deliver a positive and valuable educational experience to children, teenagers and adults.

One of our favourite tools is the Low Rope Course. Low Rope Courses can be used for entertainment and recreation, but their greatest potential lies in using them as part of workshops and group trainings. Using a set of ropes and carabiners, we provide participants with a series of obstacles to help them i.e. develop trust, understanding, decision-making, and communication skills. We initiated the use of this tool for educational purposes in Poland and keep organising courses in building and using low rope courses according to ERCA (European Ropes Course Association) standards. In our work, we follow the environmental standard of the European Ropes Course Association which attaches great importance to implementing outdoor activities with respect for nature.

We also want to bring our experiences abroad and develop international cooperation in the matter. We are a part of the European network Outdoors as a Tool, bringing together organizations that use methods of outdoor education as a tool for personal and group development.

About experience:

We are a team of creative and active educators, trainers, animators – constantly improving their qualifications during workshops, training courses, and conferences in Poland and abroad. 

From 2013 we participate and run in a lot of projects to promote outdoor education. You can see more on our website.

Our team consists of teachers, trainers, tourists, hikers, scouts, sailors, scientists, and enthusiasts in many different fields. We believe that this variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise boosts the team’s synergy!